Art Unwynd

Unwind yourself through art and discover your true potential

Art is an excellent tool for releasing the stress accumulated due to busy day to day pressures. Apart from being an excellent stress buster and a joyful hobby, art helps simulating right brain activity and helps improving one’s creative potential.  Art-Unwynd aims at promoting art to all age groups by organizing workshops, classes and events. Regular online art coaching sessions are organised to help people to learn art and enhance their lives.

Art Unwynd Monthly Subscription

Whether you are a beginner or have some exposure to art, Art Unwynd helps you to sharpen your drawing and painting skills. With weekly classes, you will get to learn the nuances of drawing and painting, step by step. Personal attention of the coach, clear instructions, constant feedback on where you need to correct your mistakes and suggestions to improve make these coaching sessions highly engaging and effective. You will also get access to the training videos that deal with fundamentals of drawing and painting any time.

Online coaching sessions are conducted in two batches. You can choose one of these batches as per your convenience.

The membership charge: Rs.1800/- per month (ie., per 8 sessions). You can enroll from any session, any time of the month. Limited seats per batch.


Age Group: 10 – 60 Years
Prerequisite : Interest in art and willingness to learn. Prior knowledge not a must.
Coaching sessions are conducted during weekends.
Saturdays and Sundays between 3.00 and 4.30 pm.
Weekday evening batch can be organised on demand.

Short term Art coaching sessions offered:

Art Unwynd offers short term art classes too periodically. Some of the art classes offered are:

1. Basic Portrait and human drawing class : 6 days course – 1.5 hours per day

2. Advance Portrait and human postures drawing course: 6 days – 1.5 hours per day

3. Doodle Art Coaching – 2 days – 2 hours per day

The exact schedule and details will be announced as and when the programme is finalised.